General Search Tips

Use double quotes to search an exact phrase in any index. (Single quotation marks are ignored).

  • For example, searching "lord of the rings" returns records that contain that exact phrase.

Use parentheses to search words in any order.

  • For example, searching (lord of the rings) returns records that contain all of those words, but not necessarily in that order.

Use a question mark for single character right-hand truncation.

  • For example, search nap? to find nap or naps.

Use a star for multiple character right-hand truncation.

  • For example, search nap* to find nap or naps or napping.

Use a question mark or star for center truncation.

  • For example, searching wom?n [single character] or wo*n [multiple character] returns records that contain woman or women.

Use a tilde combined with double quotes to make two terms appear within a certain number of characters of each other

  • For example "roman empire"~10 would search for the two words within 10 characters of each other.

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