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The Cart feature allows you to create a temporary list of items as you browse the catalog. A cart isn’t connected to your library account and the contents will be deleted after you leave LINKcat.

Add items to a Cart

After searching LINKcat, click Add to Cart for a single title. To select multiple titles, check the boxes next to each title, and click Add to Cart at the top.

View and modify your Cart

In the upper right-hand corner, click on the Cart icon. Note that the Cart icon will not appear in the upper right-hand corner until after you have added items to the Cart.

After clicking on the Cart icon, the Cart contents will appear in a pop-up box. From there you can:

  • Print, email (if logged in), download, or empty the contents of your Cart.
  • Select one or more titles by checking the box in front of the title (or click All to select all items). Then:
    • Click Remove title to delete the selected item(s) from your Cart.
    • Click Place hold to place a hold on the selected item(s).
    • If logged in, click Add to a List to add the selected item(s) to a List.

The contents of Carts are deleted when LINKcat is closed, or when you log out of your account.

Need more help?

Printable version of Carts help (pdf)