LINKcat is now live

LINKcat is back up and running! Thank you for your patience during the transition.

Special note about Reading History in LINKcat

If you have saved your Reading History (now called Checkout History) in LINKcat, you will not be able to see your entire saved history right away. Don't worry - your history is still saved, but it is not displaying to you on the screen. Our vendor is working getting the full display up and running and we will update this page as soon as that feature is fully working. Thank you!

What's new?

Overall, the new LINKcat software is similar to the previous version. At the same time, some new features will give you more flexibility to manage your checked out items and holds.

Stylistically, the display is sleeker and more modern. The larger font size and increased white-space make the new interface more usable, particularly on small screens such as smartphones and tablets.

Here are some of the new features:

  • Saved searches
  • Entire title displays in checkouts, holds, etc. (includes disc numbers!)
  • Select multiple items in checkouts and holds for modifying (renewing, suspending, etc.)
  • Navigate between search results when viewing a title's details page
  • Optionally, choose a library when searching to see its copies first when viewing a title

What's different?

All of your LINKcat features are still there but some things have changed!

Here are some of the changes:

  • Reading History is now called Checkout History
  • Your LINKcat account is now called My Dashboard
  • New Dashboard page provides an overview of your Checked out items and Holds
  • Browse the shelf is now called View nearby items on shelf
  • Access your Lists from your Dashboard - scroll down and click My Lists

Should you need assistance managing these changes, please ask your local library for help.