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Searching for TV series on DVD or Blu-ray

In early September 2022, LINKcat libraries began checking out complete seasons of television series in one package, starting with new titles, and eventually expanding to existing titles. 

LINKcat records containing a complete season will have the phrase “All discs” in the Title. Over time, we hope to move TV series and mini-series to full season checkouts. In the meantime, especially with older series, we may have both full seasons and individual discs to check out.

To search for TV series in LINKcat:

  1. Select Title from the dropdown menu.
  2. Select the appropriate format (DVD, Blu-ray DVD) from the Any format dropdown menu.
  3. In the search box, enter the full title of the TV series and the word season.
    1. TIP: Include the phrase “All discs” (with quotes) to search for records containing the complete season.
    2. TIP: Use double quotes around the title to search that exact phrase.
    3. TIP: Include an actor's name in your search if the TV series has a one-word title.
  4. After running your search, click Relevance at the top of the screen, and choose Title from the dropdown menu, which will group each season together and put discs in numerical order.

Need more help?

Printable version of TV Series help (pdf)