Searching for TV series on DVD or Blu-ray

  • In the search box, enter the full title of the TV series and the word season.
    • TIP: Use double quotes around the title to search that exact phrase.

    TV searies search in LINKcat

    • TIP: Include an actor's name in your search if the TV series has a one-word title.

    Girls TV series search


  • Click DVD or Blu-ray DVD from the Format facet on the left side of the screen to display items with that format.

    Format facet


  • To limit by format up front, scroll to and select either DVD or Blu-ray DVD from the "Any format" drop-down box after entering your search terms in the search box.

    DVD selected in format drop-down box


  • After running your search, use the drop-down box on the right side of the page to sort your search results list by Title, which will group each season together and put discs in numerical order.

    LINKcat sort drop-down

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