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Using LINKcat’s List feature, you can create lists of your favorite items, lists of items you want to check out later, or any other type of list you want to keep. You must be logged into your LINKcat account to create and access your Lists.

Add items to a List

Log into your account. After searching LINKcat, click on a single title and choose Save to Your Lists. To select multiple titles, check the boxes next to each title, and click Add to List. The Add to a List box will pop up.

  • To add item(s) to a new list, select Create new, enter a name into the Name box, and click Create new List.
  • To add items(s) to an existing List, select a list name from the dropdown box, and click Add to List.

View and modify your Lists

Click on your name in the upper right-hand corner and select My Dashboard. At the bottom of the screen, click My Lists. Click on a List name to view the List in a pop-up box. From there you can:

  • Print, email, download, or delete your List(s).
  • Click Edit to change the List name or sorting options.
  • Select one or more titles by checking the box in front of the title. Then:
    • Click Remove title(s) to delete the item(s) from your List.
    • Click Place hold to place a hold on the item(s).

Need more help?

Printable version of Lists help (pdf)