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Place and manage holds

You can use the LINKcat Mobile App to place holds, as well as suspend, resume, and cancel holds.

Placing Holds

  1. From the title's details page, select the Place Hold button.
  2. The Pickup Library defaults to the home library that is set in your LINKcat record. To change your pickup location, select the Pickup library box and choose a different library. Please note that the app will default to the new pickup location until you change the pickup location again.
  3. After verifying the Pickup Library, click the Place Hold button to complete the hold.

Screenshot of title's details page with Place Hold button highlighted

Screenshot of pickup library screen


Managing holds

  1. From the title's details screen, select the home icon to return to the home screen. 
    Home icon from top of title's details screen
  2. Select My Dashboard, and then select On Hold.
  3. Your list of holds will appear.
  4. Select a title to display more information about the hold, and to Suspend/Resume, or Cancel the hold.
  5. To Suspend, Resume, or Cancel multiple holds, select the Select button, and choose the appropriate option. Then choose the appropriate titles, and select the Suspend, Resume, or Cancel button at the top of the screen.

Screenshot of On hold option
Screenshot of managing holds options
Screenshot of suspending holds