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Linked accounts

In the LINKcat Mobile App, you can link multiple LINKcat accounts to one primary LINKcat account. After linking the accounts, you can then view checkouts, renew items, place holds, as well as view fines and digital barcodes for all accounts linked, as long as you remain logged in to the Mobile App using the primary LINKcat account. If you log out of the app, then the linked accounts will have to be re-linked to the primary account.

For example, if Parent1 links accounts for Parent2, Child1, and Child2, then all linked accounts are viewable in the Parent1 account on Parent1's device. If Parent2 wants to view accounts on their device as well, then Parent2 must log in to the Parent2 account on a separate device, and link the Parent1, Child1, and Child2 accounts on that device.

Please note that linked accounts are only available in the LINKcat Mobile App. Linked accounts are not available in the browser version of LINKcat ( If you link accounts in the LINKcat Mobile App, the accounts will not be linked in the browser version of LINKcat (

  1. Log in to the app with the primary LINKcat account. Make sure that the option Keep me signed into LINKcat is checked.
    1. Please note that if you log out of the LINKcat Mobile App, then the accounts may become unlinked. 
  2. From the home screen, select My Dashboard.
  3. Select Linked Accounts from the menu.
  4. Select +Add.
  5. The Link Account screen will appear. Enter the library barcode and password/PIN for the account to be linked.
    1. Please note that you must know both the library barcode and password/PIN in order to link an account.
    2. If the library barcode or the password/PIN for the linked account changes at any time, the account will become unlinked and must be re-linked with the new library barcode and/or password/PIN.
  6. Select the Link button.
  7. The account is now linked in the LINKcat Mobile App.
  8. To link additional accounts, repeat steps 3-6 above.

Screenshot of menu screen for accessing linked accounts
Screenshot of Add button for linked accounts
Screenshot of menu for linked accounts after linking an account