Renewing Materials

At home

Go to and log into your account* with your Login (library card number) and Password (PIN).

  • From the Checked Out tab, find the item(s) you want to renew.
  • If a renewal is possible, you will see the word Renew in the column next to the due date. Click Renew.
  • The renewed item will be listed at the bottom of the screen along with the new due date.

You may also renew items by calling Harriet at (608) 242-4700, or by calling your local library.

At your library

You can ask at the check-out desk or use the library’s computers.

You may renew most items up to two times. Sometimes renewals are not possible because someone else is waiting for the item, or because there is a problem with your account. Contact your local library for further information.

*Note: the login is your library barcode number and the password is your PIN.


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