The Cart feature allows you to create a list of items as you browse the catalog. A cart isn’t connected to your library account and the contents will be deleted after you leave LINKcat.

Adding Items

To add items to your Cart from the search results list:

  • Click the Add to Cart link found under each item OR
  • Select multiple items and choose Cart from the Add To drop down menu OR
  • Click on a title to view the item’s record, then click the Add to Your Cart link in the upper right corner

View your cart

Click on the Cart button to the right of the search box. A new browser window will open with your cart information.

From there you can:

  • email (“send”), print or empty the contents of your cart
  • select individual items by clicking the box in front of the title or click Select All
    • click Remove to delete selected items from your cart
    • click Place Hold to request selected items (requires login and password to continue)
    • If logged in, click Add to a list to add the selected items to a List

The contents of Carts are deleted when LINKcat is closed or when you log out of your account.

Need more help?

Contact your local library.



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