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In LINKcat, you can read reviews or add your own. Reviews are provided by LibraryThing and Publisher's Weekly. Reviews submitted by LINKcat users are moderated by South Central Library System staff. In general, all reviews will be posted within two business days, at the discretion of SCLS staff. Also, reviews from accounts that use a library barcode as a user name will not be posted.


To read reviews or add your own, click the see reviews/add a review link (if available) for the title that you are viewing.

LibraryThing Reviews

To add a review, log in using your Facebook or Twitter account, or create a Reviews account. The Reviews account is provided by LibraryThing and is not connected to your LINKcat account. For privacy reasons, please do not use your library barcode as a user name, because the user name is publicly displayed. Library staff cannot access your Reviews account.

See the LibraryThing FAQ for more information.

Publisher's Weekly

For some titles in LINKcat, Publisher's Weekly reviews are available. Click on the Reviews tab to read the review.

Publisher's Weekly review

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