The LINKcat Link Advisor

Use this form to process a LINKcat PAC URL into a format that is better suited for publication in library websites, blogs, email newsletters, etc. To learn more about why you should use this form, see the LINKcat Link Advisor FAQ.


  1. Find a page of interest in LINKcat (this link opens in a new window or browser tab).
  2. Copy the URL from your browser's address bar.
  3. Paste it into the form above and click Advise Me.
  4. Test the transformed URL.
  5. Copy it for use in your website or other publications.

Example Launcher Links

These samples demonstrate different kinds of links into LINKcat that are supported by the SCLS launcher script.

ExampleLink Typego.cgi query string
Library CatalogCatalog home pagenone
Advanced SearchAdvanced search form?search=advanced
Your Library AccountPatron login form?menu=account
Rethinking library linkingSpecific title by ISBN?idx=nb&q=0838958133
Library 2.0 and beyondSpecific title by BIB?biblionumber=599903
Internet librarianTitle keyword search?idx=ti&q=Internet+librarian
Works by Nick ParkAuthor keyword search?idx=au&q=Park%2C+Nick
Girl with the dragon tattoo (digital formats)Title phrase with author and format limit?idx=ti,phr&q=girl%20with%20the%20dragon%20tattoo&op=and&idx=au,wrdl&q=Larsson&limit=ff8-23:s

The first several examples above are very narrow types of links. They go either to a specific page or to a specific item in the catalog. The last several examples are much broader, and are only a few of many types of broad searches that the SCLS launcher will support.

Basically, if you use LINKcat's search forms to get any list of works, using any combination of indexes and search terms, the resulting LINKcat URL should be supported by the Link Advisor and the SCLS launcher. Please let us know if you find an example that does not translate correctly.

LINKcat is brought to you by the South Central Library System and 44 of its 53 member libraries.